Getting Started

Welcome to the course overview for The Blogger Collective learning material. This page outlines all of the courses currently being offered under our platform. 

What you see here is just the start. More courses, strategies, and learning material are being added regularly to help you grow your content, reach more people, and make money as a content creator.

There is a lot of material on here, but don't get overwhelmed. In the navigation bar under "Learning Resources", you'll see a list of streams. These identify the different streams of material within The Blogger Collective platform.

To get started, choose the one that fits with what you are currently looking to grow.

As a suggestion, if you are new to blogging, consider the Business Planning or Blogging streams. If you have a site established that you are looking to grow, consider the SEO stream.

Choosing a stream does not stop you from experiencing the rest of the content, it simply organizes it in a way that is designed to help you focus your learning.

And as always, the TBC team is here to help answer your questions and grow with you.

Make sure to join our TBC Mastermind Group to take part in our Mastermind groups that will help you grow your content. The mastermind group is also where much of the conversations regarding our membership platform will happen.

You can connect with that here.