Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction to Affiliate Marketing

    • The Course Creators

    • What Is Affiliate Marketing?

    • Why Should You Consider Affiliate Marketing?

    • Next Steps: A Moment to Brainstorm

  • 2

    Affiliate Partners and Programs

    • How To Find Affiliate Partners

    • What To Look For In An Affiliate Program/Affiliate Network

    • Tips and Tricks to Get Approved for Affiliate Programs

    • Affiliate Link Tracker

  • 3

    Understanding Affiliate Links

    • What Are Affiliate Links and How Do They Work?

    • Webhooks and Affiliate Codes

    • Cookies Vs. Affiliate Codes

    • Banners, Widgets, and Deep Links

    • How To Get Affiliate Links

  • 4

    Having A Store On Your Blog

    • Having A Store On Your Blog

  • 5

    Should You Create An Affiliate Niche Website

    • Advantages Of An Affiliate Niche Website

    • Choosing An Affiliate Niche

    • Building An Affiliate-Focused Website

  • 6

    Connecting With Your Audience and Building Trust

    • Connecting With Your Audience

    • Branding and Design

    • Personality

    • Content

    • Building Trust Next Steps:

  • 7

    How To Write Affiliate Content That Performs

    • How To Write Affiliate Content That Performs

    • Inspiring Action - Creating Clickable Affiliate Content

    • Get To The Point: Where To Place Affiliate Links For Maximum Exposure

    • Be Visual: Inspiring Action Through Visuals

    • Sharing Affiliate Links On Email, Newsletters, and Social Media

    • Next Steps: Creating Affiliate Content That Performs

  • 8

    Final Considerations

    • Utilizing a Newsletter

    • Affiliate Marketing and Social Media

    • Doing Things by the Book

    • Onwards and Upwards