Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction: Branding Your Platforms

  • 2

    Branding Your Platform

    • What Is Your Platform's Brand And Why Is It Important?

    • Naming Your Brand and Social Media Handles

    • How To Stand Out

    • The Value In Visual Branding

    • Next Steps: Re-Write The About Page On Your Platform

  • 3

    Branded Social

    • Social Media As An Extension Of Your Platform

    • Set Up Those Social Channels

    • Create and Engage!

    • Next Steps: Social Media Account Audit

  • 4

    Align Your Media Kit

    • What Is a Media Kit And Why Does Your Platform Need One?

    • What A Media Kit Includes

    • Take Action: Create a Media Kit

  • 5

    Final Considerations

    • Branding Is An Evolution

    • Go Forth And Brand Your Platform And Socials