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Thank you for being a part of The Blogger Collective. This is far more than just a supportive community of fellow content creators, bloggers, podcasters, and influencers. The Blogger Collective is a resource designed to help you turn passion into profit.

The Blogger Community is free to join. Local members have access to our supportive local Facebook communities as well as our global The Blogger Collective community.

For those who wish to take their content to the next level, we also offer an expanded membership where paying members will have access to a wide variety of exclusive courses, opportunities, resources, and more. Premium benefits include:

What Will You Get Access to?

  • Access to an ever-expanding line of TBC courses.

    We have built a series of valuable and easy-to-follow courses complete with takeaways and actions on topics such as defining your niche, SEO, social media, podcasting, business development, and more.

  • Access to the TBC Mastermind Group.

    This intimate community will run mastermind sessions on important topics and members will be pushed for accountability as we grow together.
    This is a community that cares about you and your success.

  • Exclusive deals and partnerships.

    The Blogger Collective offers opportunities to broker relationships with brands and destinations. These can include paid press trips, brand opportunities, product ambassadorships, and more.

  • Exclusive access to The Blogger Collective newsletter. 

    A weekly Blogger Collective newsletter that is exclusively for members. The newsletter will outline new courses, include information on job boards and collaborations, press trips, brand partnerships, and much more.

  • The Blogger Collective Marketplace

    A marketplace on The Blogger Collective website that will give members the opportunity to sell their products, ebooks, and more. We will also offer discounted products, website hosting, and other member benefits here.

  • Priority access as guests on The Blogger Collective Podcast and TBC Facebook Lives. 

    The Blogger Collective wants to get you in front of a wider audience. Opportunities will be given to members to be guests on The Blogger Collective Podcast and TBC Facebook Lives.

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